2017 Learning Lab and Equipment Lab Participants

2017 CCD Learning Lab List
L1: Career Opportunities (United States Navy Seabees)
L2: Power Pole Demonstration (JEA)
L3: Asphalt Cookies (Preferred Materials, Inc.)
L4: Rebar Tying (Eisman & Russo, Archer Western, DT Read)
L5: Sanitary Landfill Construction and Environmental Protection (City of Jacksonville Solid Waste Division, Waste Management, Inc. England Thims and Miller, Meskel Associates Engineering)
L6: Cable Stayed and Suspension Bridges (GAI)
L7: Earthwork Field Testing (Gannett Fleming)
L8: Corrosion and Chemistry (FDOT)
L9: Pipeline Inspection (FDOT)
L10: Circuit Breaker Maintenance (JEA)
L11: Bridge Design (RS&H)
L12: Resume Writing and Interview Skills (ASHE, DBIA, WTS)
L13: Asphalt Cookies (Duval Asphalt)
L14: Drilled Shafts (FDOT)
L15: Geotechnical Exploration (Cal Tech Testing, Inc.)
L16: Triangulation Station (Prince Contracting, LLC)
L17: Water Purification/GPS Grader (Florida Air National Guard)
L18: Drone Applications in Construction (Superior Construction)
L19: Compaction Action (Atlantic Coast Asphalt)
L20: Driving Safety (Florida Highway Patrol)
L21: Engineering CADD Tools (FDOT)
L22: Concrete Cookies (Ellis & Associates)
L23: Bridge Coatings and Fasteners (GPI)
L24: TV Inspection (JEA)
L25: Can You Dig It?! (FDOT)
L26: Construction Jeopardy (Parsons Brinkerhoff)
L27: Bus Shelter Construction (JTA, EltonAlan)
L28: Engines (JTECH)
L29: Fall Protection (Civil Services, Inc., CSI Geo, Capital Safety, Hal Jones Construction)
L30: Guardians of Asphalt (FDOT)
L31: Concrete Production and Testing (Universal Engineering)
L32: Bridge Inspection and Repair (FDOT)
L33: Infrared Thermography (JEA)
L34: Construction Career Opportunities (JB Coxwell Contracting, Inc.)
L35: No Zone (Florida Highway Patrol)
L36: Drone Demonstration (Wantman Group)
L37: Surveying (FDOT)
L38 – Subsurface Utility Engineering (DRMP)
L39 – Bridge Design (DRMP)

2017 CCD Equipment Lab List
E-1 D5 Bulldozer
E-2 Backhoe/Loader
E-3 Mini Excavator
E-4 Skid Steer
E-5 Bucket Truck
E-6 Mini Excavator
E-7 Motor Grader
E-8 Bucket Truck
E-9 Skid Steer
E-10 Mini Excavator
E-11 Skid Steer
E-12 Scissor Lift Truck
E-13 Backhoe/Loader
E-14 Man Lifts (2)
E-15 Bucket Truck
E-16 Mini Excavator
E-17 Skid Steer
E-18 Mini Excavator
E-19 Bucket Truck
E-20 Skid Steer
E-21 Mini Excavator
E-22 Skid Steer