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ECS Florida, LLC
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EGS, Inc.
GAI Consultants, Inc.
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Preferred Materials, Inc., a CRH Company
Prosser Inc.
Ring Power
T2 Utility Engineers
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Vallencourt Construction
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Atlantic Coast AsphaltOperation of compacting equipment for Asphalt and how it relates to compaction densities in different applications. 170
FDOTStructural Materials Learning Lab from FDOT169
FDOTLearn to prioritize what is important to you and set goals. 172
FDOTHow to fabricate highway signs.162
FDOTDuring the event, students will receive a presentation with seat belt focused statistics and then we’ll get them up and moving into a fun and competitive seatbelt fire drill competition that consists of two teams racing to see who can buckle up the fastest while rotating around two 4-door cars. The team with the fastest overall time is the winning team. Students will walk away with the realization that it only takes a second to buckle up and it’s worth a second to save their life and their passengers lives. 160
Florida State College at JacksonvilleProcess of coordinating resources and materials from one location to another; specifically buoyance related163
Florida State College at Jacksonvillestudents will be able to understand basics of measurement, specifically as it applies to measuring tapes and the applicability of rivets and bolts164
Florida State College at JacksonvilleStudents will see components related to the vehicle automation as it pertains to brakes and electrical. 165
Florida State College at JacksonvilleStudents will be introduced to advanced technology within construction to do simple programming166
GAI Consultants, Inc.Description, examples and workshops on foundations and their importance.167
GAI Consultants, Inc.Description, examples and workshops on foundations and their importance.168
Jacksonville Sheet Metal JATCWelding, Virtual Welding, Metal Forming150
JEAJEA utilizes and leverages varying technology to mitigate the impact of pipe installation to our customers. By using a directional drill, up to 400' of pipe can be installed in a day, with two smaller excavations as opposed to the conventional trench. This saves time, rehabilitation costs and customer inconvenience. We are able to get newly installed mains in service sooner in an effort to maintain system reliability and integrity.151
JEAIn this lab, we will demonstrate the procedures for inspecting the piping installed below grade using both Sonar Equipment for rapid inspection and CCTV for detailed visual inspection. The students will observe and have the opportunity to operate the remotely operated robotic CCTV that is currently in use and utilize the sonar equipment. This lab will establish the link between current needs and the development of improved methods utilizing technology as it becomes available/cost effective.154
JEAIn this lab, we will demonstrate the procedures for installing and maintaining transformers and distribution lines. Emphasis will be on the skills required to perform the installation as well as the path to achieving those skill. Safety will always be of paramount importance.155
JEAJEA’s UN&CM Cable Splicers provide power to Jacksonville’s most critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, military installations, water & wastewater infrastructure, and all of downtown. Although the city depends on the work this department accomplishes daily, the Cable Splicers are rarely seen in action by the public. Instead, this group works tirelessly in manholes, vaults, basements, and back alleyways to ensure that what is out of the public’s sight stays out of the public’s mind. I would like our display to include: • 3 phase padmount transformer on a pallet with cable tails terminated. The visitors will get to switch elbows. • PMH-4 fusing cabinet where visitors can hang and close fuses with a hot stick • A lead furnace station where a journeyman can demonstrate molten solder • A display of varying cable types and sizes • A TV playing the Underground video made last year • A station where visitors may don high voltage gloves and attempt to cut 4 solid. I am happy to give the presentation with the help of a Journeyman or two for safety. I would like to have enough cones and channelizing tubes to create a “safe zone” to walk them through our station.156
JEAIn this lab, we will demonstrate the technology that is utilized in the inspection of the electrical distribution system. Through the demonstration of the thermal camera system, the students will achieve an understanding of the skills that are necessary to perform rapid and non-disruptive preventive maintenance to the power distribution system.157
JEA In this lab, we will demonstrate the technology used in the inspection of under-pressure water water main assessment.158
JEAThe lab displays the equipment JEA uses to clean sanitary sewer mains and to pump and haul sewage to prevent sanitary sewer overflows. The demonstion will consist of reviewing all the features on the truck. The Vac Truck also has a nozzle camera feature that we can display to show another way we are able to obtain video of the pipe for inspection. 159
KCI Technologies, Inc Demonstrate the operation of a drone for use in photogrammetry which will be used to create topographic surveys and 3d aerial images. Demonstrate the use of software to process the data collected by the drone and create usable 3D drawings. 171
ReevesCaterpillar Simulator - Excavator152
Superior Construction CompanyLearn about drone mapping within the Contruction industry 161
-----U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Office Jacksonville
CareerSource Northeast FloridaInformation about apprenticeships and careers
City of JacksonvilleCareer Fair Booth
City of JacksonvilleCareer Fair Booth
FDOTPhoto booth, filling out a check correctly
FDOTThe Process in the making of Roadway Signs
Florida Air National Guard / 202nd RED HORSEConcrete Mobil
Florida State College at JacksonvilleWorkforce Recovery Training Program
Florida State Office of ApprenticeshipAvailable Registered Industry Apprenticeship Programs
FSCJ RecruitmentFSCJ Recruitment will be there to help share information on the programs offered.
Halff Associates Consulting Firm (AEC)
Halff Associates Consulting Firm (AEC)
Halff Associates Consulting Firm (AEC)
Jacksonville Sheet Metal JATCTuition Free Registered Apprenticeship. Career in the Sheet Metal Industry. We specialize in HVAC Duct Systems installation, fabrication, and welding. Great pay and benefits! EARN WHILE YOU LEARN
Jacksonville Sheriffs OfficeRecruitment and Selection Unit, Career opportunities for students upon graduation.
JAX USA PartnershipCareer Pathway information, such as data and testimonials specific to Northeast Florida are shared through website and corresponding materials, social media platforms, and the Earn Up You Tube video.
JEAHand Tool Table and Trades Info
Metric Engineering, Inc.Provide information on dissemination of information gleaned from ITS devices like cameras and providing the information to the motoring public
MetroPower, Inc.Provide opportunities to individuals looking to learn and grow as an industrial electrician. Attend fully paid classes with the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) two nights a week while working a full-time job as an Apprentice Electrician with MetroPower.
Miller Electric CompanyTable with giveaways, career information and a couple of hands-on exhibits.
Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)Table with promotional items
Preferred Materials, Inc., a CRH CompanyRecruiting Table
Ring PowerIn 1962, Ring Power Corporation became a full-line Caterpillar dealer in North Florida, and later expanded its authorized territory to include Central Florida. Today, Ring Power Corporate headquarters in St. Augustine oversees the operations of 18 branch locations throughout the state of Florida, including large regional facilities in Tampa and Orlando and crane and forklift sales and service facilities in Pompano. Ring Power also has eight facilities outside of Florida - The Carolinas, Georgia, Texas & Tennessee- to serve the needs of other specialized industries and customers. Ring Power Corporation has become one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the Southeastern United States through dedication to the mission of customer service. In order to preserve the "Customers First" reputation that Ring Power was built on, we continually train our employees and work closely with our customers to assure complete satisfaction, especially after the sale. Currently, more than 2,300 employees at 20+ locations throughout Florida and the United States work hard to provide the highest quality construction equipment, backed by responsive, professional service and support at every level.
St. Johns River State College Since 1958, SJR State has built a solid reputation as a full-service college dedicated to meeting the educational and workforce training needs of its Northeast Florida district. With campuses in Orange Park, Palatka and St. Augustine, SJR State is truly the community’s college, enriching a diverse population of students ranging in age from 16 to 60 and beyond.
US ArmyUS Army
US NavyUS NAVY SEABEES MK31 Tractor, Heavy trailer, 130M Grader, MTVR Dump truck
VIA Consulting Services, Inc.VIA