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Learning Labs
Atkins Click for Schedule Target Zero/FDOT Communications Office- we will focus on PSAs and possible other Target Zero focused items.
Atlantic Coast Asphalt Click for Schedule Learning how Asphalt Roller patterns relate to the design of asphalt mixes and how they affect Density requirements.
CHW, Inc. Click for Schedule Learn about the progression of survey technology from simple measurements from a steel chain to the complexities of a total station with an Electronic Distance Measurement, to the technology of LiDAR and how surveyors use these tools.
City of Jacksonville Click for Schedule Professional Engineers from the City of Jacksonville (COJ) will share and demonstrate what it's like to work as an Engineer with the Department of Public Works. COJ Engineers plan, design, implement, and manage a variety of municipal Construction Projects. COJ Construction Projects include major infrastructure works such as roads, bridges, parks, dams, and so on, to public facilities such as hospitals, schools, and libraries. Let's engineer your future with the City of Jacksonville.
CSI Geo Click for Schedule Fall Protection
DRMP, Inc. Click for Schedule We will describe and demonstrate basic techniques for mapping underground utilities using ground penetrating radar and electro-magnetic techniques.
ECS Florida, LLC Click for Schedule Concrete Cookies
England-Thims & Miller, Inc. Click for Schedule Learn about signal controller capabilities and their operational features, and how this equipment affects public safety
FDOT Click for Schedule Moveable bridges and inspection
FDOT Click for Schedule Learn about, build and test a scale mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structure.
FDOT Click for Schedule Hands on survey equipmeny - office and field
FDOT Click for Schedule Inform attendees about the process of producing asphalt and its placement on the ground.
FDOT Click for Schedule concrete
FDOT Click for Schedule Inform attendees about the process of producing asphalt and its placement on the ground.
FDOT Click for Schedule Will see how signs are fabricated
Florida Army National Guard Click for Schedule Florida Army National Guard
Florida Carpenters Training Trust Click for Schedule Nail Driving
Florida Gateway College Click for Schedule Students will be able to do virtual reality welding with MIG and voyage arc virtual goggles.
Florida Highway Patrol Click for Schedule Rollover simulator will demostrate the importance of wearing your seat belt.
Florida Highway Patrol Click for Schedule Allows young drivers to experience the vantagepoint that a truck driver has behind the steering wheel, making them aware of the many blind spots around large trucks.
Florida State College at Jacksonville Click for Schedule Simulation activities regarding automation processes within Construction
Florida State College at Jacksonville Click for Schedule Students will learn the use of the foundational instrument- measuring tape, applicable to all industries.
GAI Consultants, Inc. Click for Schedule Description, types, uses and importance of foundations in construction.
Garney Construction Click for Schedule Pipe Bolt assembly and disassebly
Hanson Professional Services Inc. Click for Schedule Hydraulics Lab
JEA Click for Schedule In this lab, we will demonstrate the procedures for installing and maintaining transformers and distribution lines. Emphasis will be on the skills required to perform the installation as well as the path to achieving those skill. Safety will always be of paramount importance.
JEA Click for Schedule In this lab, we will demonstrate the technology that is utilized in the inspection of the electrical distribution system. Through the demonstration of the thermal camera system, the students will achieve an understanding of the skills that are necessary to perform rapid and non-disruptive preventive maintenance to the power distribution system.
JEA Click for Schedule JEA utilizes and leverages varying technology to mitigate the impact of pipe installation to our customers. By using a directional drill, up to 400' of pipe can be installed in a day, with two smaller excavations as opposed to the conventional trench. This saves time, rehabilitation costs and customer inconveinence. We are able to get newly installed mains in service sooner in an effort to maintain system reliability and integrity. A large open space will be needed to accommodate the Ditch Witch directional drill and possibly a dump truck and two trailers depending on room.
JEA Click for Schedule In this lab, we will demonstrate the technology used in the inspection of under-pressure water water main assessment. 20 LF of Pipe with water hook up and electric hook up for the camera.
JEA Click for Schedule In this lab, we will demonstrate the procedures for inspecting and cleaning the piping installed below grade using both Sonar Equipment for rapid inspection and CCTV for detailed visual inspection. The students will observe and have the opportunity to operate the remotely operated robotic CCTV that is currently in use and utilize the sonar equipment and operate the Vactor. This lab will establish the link between current needs and the development of improved methods utilizing technology as it becomes available/cost effective.
JEA Click for Schedule The lab displays the equipment JEA uses to clean sanitary sewer mains and to pump and haul sewage to prevent sanitary sewer overflows. The demonstion will consist of reviewing all the features on the truck. The Vac Truck also has a nozzle camera feature that we can display to show another way we are able to obtain video of the pipe for inspection.
JEA Click for Schedule JEA’s UN&CM Cable Splicers provide power to Jacksonville’s most critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, military installations, water & wastewater infrastructure, and all of downtown. Although the city depends on the work this department accomplishes daily, the Cable Splicers are rarely seen in action by the public. Instead, this group works tirelessly in manholes, vaults, basements, and back alleyways to ensure that what is out of the public’s sight stays out of the public’s mind. I would like our display to include: • 3 phase padmount transformer on a pallet with cable tails terminated. The visitors will get to switch elbows. • PMH-4 fusing cabinet where visitors can hang and close fuses with a hot stick • A lead furnace station where a journeyman can demonstrate molten solder • A display of varying cable types and sizes • A TV playing the Underground video made last year • A station where visitors may don high voltage gloves and attempt to cut 4 solid.
Jorgensen Click for Schedule A day in the life of highway maintenance. Students will compete to set up MOT and repair a highway sign.
JTA Click for Schedule Autonomous Vehicle
KCI Technologies, Inc Click for Schedule Demonstrate the operation of a drone for use in photogrammetry which will be used to create topographic surveys and 3d aerial images. Demonstrate the use of software to process the data collected by the drone and create usable 3D drawings.
Keville Enterprises Inc. Click for Schedule An Interactive Presentation, outlining the proper form and substance of writing professional resumes and performing interviews.
Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. Click for Schedule Hands on learning with power tools provided by Kiewit employees.
Lochner Click for Schedule Question and answer with prizes for correct answers about basic construction terminology, roadway signs, safety devices and equipment.
Mead & Hunt Click for Schedule Interactive discussion on basic structural principals considered in bridge design.
North Central Fla. Operating Engineers JATC Click for Schedule North Central Fla. Operating Engineers JATC Crane Simulation
Northeast Florida Builders Association Click for Schedule We will have nail drive table set up for the student to participate in a nail drive competition. (This can get loud. We are typically set up by the back roll up door so we can move outside just a tad. . . . )
Quest Corporation of America, Inc. Click for Schedule Family Feud style game discussing the student internship program
Reeves Click for Schedule Using a CAT simulator mounted inside a trailer, students will learn how to operate a variety of heavy equipment. They can test their skills through various simulation scenarios while their fellow students observe nearby. Students will also learn about career opportunities now available in construction.
Ring Power Click for Schedule Heavy construction equipment like bulldozers, compact track loaders and excavators reply on the undercarriage for support when traversing rugged terrain. In a race against their peers, students will gain hands on experience simulating removal and assembly of hardware on the segment.
RS&H, Inc. Click for Schedule Using the Bridge Constructor app. to build a bridge over a water body. The program tests whether the bridge you build can withstand the daily stress of continual use from cars, trucks and, more recently, super-heavy tank trucks.
SMW JATC Click for Schedule Virtual Welding / Welding / Fabrication
Superior Construction Company Click for Schedule Survey Drone and software for managing drone data
Terracon Consultants, Inc. Click for Schedule Environmental Planning geared towards Archaeology and Ecology
Titan Florida LLC Click for Schedule We will provide a presentation about the career paths with Titan and the industry. We will also have a ready mix truck simulator for the students.
US Army Click for Schedule Army Corps of Engineers
Velociti Services Click for Schedule Bridge Opening and Bridge Tenders
Volkert, Inc. Click for Schedule Provide a summary and details of the CEI industry and how professional consulting firms assist the FDOT with their work program delivery.
WGI Click for Schedule WGI will do an introduction presentation on lidar and the different platforms used to collect the data.