AMEC Foster Wheeler 
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.
Aptim Enviromental & Infrastructure, Inc. 
Archer Western 
Atkins North America 
Atlantic Coast Asphalt Company
Eisman & Russo
England-Thims & Miller, Inc.
  Enviromental & Geotechnical Specialities, Inc.
GAI Consultants, Inc. 
HDR, Inc.
HNTB Corporation 
James D. Hinson Electrical Contracting Company, Inc.
J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc. 
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Let's Preserve the American Dream 
Miller Electric Company
Mott MacDonald 
Parsons Transportation Group
Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc. 
Preferred Materials, Inc.
Prince Contracting, LLC.
RS&H, Inc. 
Superior Construction Company 
The Lane Construction Corporation 
Vallencourt Contruction Co. Inc.
VIA Consulting Services, Inc. 
Waitz & Moye, Inc.

Gresham, Smith & Partners
JEA Construction Engineering Services, Inc. (JEAces)

CDM Contracting, Inc.
Connelly & Wicker
  DRMP, Inc.
Florida Transportation Builder's Association, Inc.
Hill International, Inc.
Inwood Consulting Engineers
KCCS, Inc.
Linder Industrial Machinery
Michael Baker International
  Pond & Company
  Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
STV Incorporated 

BES Inc.
Cardno, Inc. 
ECS Florida, LLC
Fred Wilson & Associates, Inc.
Gannett Fleming 
Kennedy Engineering Group & Associates LLC
Meskel & Associates Engineering 
Pavement Technology, Inc.
Peters & Yaffee, Inc. 
Quest Corporation of America, Inc. 
Sunshine 811

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Keville Enterprises
CSI, Geo, Inc.
Fisher & Arnold, Inc.

2018 Learning Labs

ACAcompaction effort ... teaching how to compact asphalt
Anderson Columbia Co., IncAsphalt Cookies
Archer WesternRebar Tying Demonstration
Cal-Tech Testing, Inc.Geotechnical Drilling
CSI GeoFall Protection
District MaterialsConcrete Production
DRMP, Inc.Power point presentation (Ryan Grab) Boards w/candy & props-(Mike Albano)
ECS Florida, LLCConcrete Cookies (Note: Ellis & Associates, Inc. is transitioning to ECS Florida, LLC so the company name and logo needs to be updated for this event.)
Eisman & RussoSteel Tying with Archer Western Construction
FDOTSurveying - Discuss the applications of Surveying and provide hands-on learning experiences for the students.
FDOT District MaintenanceVideo pipeline inspection
FDOT State Materials OfficeGuardians of the Asphalt: The lab will demonstrate various asphalt functions at the State Materials Office (Asphalt mixture components, binder types, mixing, interlayer bond strength, FC-5 permeability)
FDOT-Bridge DepartmentBridge Inspection and Repair
FERGUSON WATERWORKSNutrient Separating Baffle Boxes and Bold & Gold Stormwater filtration media
FGC - Water Resources DepartmentThe Water Resource Lab consists of Wastewater software, water and wastewater lab equipment, displays and other water related displays fit to teach basic concepts of water testing, water treatment and water chemistries
FHPFlorida Highway Patrol's No-Zone Tractor-Trailer
FHPThe rollover simulator and DUI presentation will be provided on site.
FHP PIOrollover simulator and DUI/ Traffic Safety
Florida Air National Guard / 202nd RED HORSEGPS Guided Grader & Water Purification
Florida Apprenticeship Grant ProgramAsk an Apprentice. Students will hear that an Apprenticeships is an entry point into a sustainable career.
GAI Consultants, Inc.The learning lab is geared toward explaining the importance of foundations in construction, their types, brief history, construction challenges and best practices.
Greenman-Pedersen, IncBridge Rehabilitation: Steel Corrosion and Industrial Coatings
J. B. CoxwellWe are going to present all the different trades that make up our Company
Jacksonville Bridge MaintenaceBridge Inspection and Maintenance
Jones Technical Institute (JTech)Electro Trainers and spark plug changing challenge
Keville Enterprises Inc.ASHE/DBIA - Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
Linder Industrial Machinery Cointelligent machine
LochnerConstruction Jeopardy
Materials & ResearchGeotech Construction
Preferred Materials, Inc. Asphalt DivisionAsphalt Cookies
Prince Contracting, LLCSurveying job sites using GPS-enabled equipment, letting kids carry the wand so the robot will follow
Ring PowerHeavy Equipment Technology, includes a short video about Ring Power and CAT, with 4 students engaged in a timed assembly of a component with the winning team awarded a CAT hat.
RS&H, Inc.Bridge Design We will be having the kids design bridges on an Ipad using the Bridge Constructor app.
State Materials (Pavement Evaluation)The lab will be showcasing a number of non-destructive pavement evaluation equipment
Superior Construction CompanyDrone Applications in Construction
Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.Concrete Compressive Testing